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Welcome to She Ran Herself Fit.  My name is Felisha Mims and I am a 49-year-old runner and fitness enthusiast.  I started this blog because I love the sport of running.  I have run quite a few half marathons and my goal is to motivate and be an inspiration to others while running a half marathon in every state. 


I didn’t always love running. As a teenager and in my early adult years, I struggled with making healthy choices and was extremely obese.  As I approached the age of 30, I decided that I wanted to live a healthy life and started on my weight loss journey.  During this journey, I have lost over 200 pounds.  Yes, losing 200 pounds was hard work and it took a lot of dedication and commitment.  I lost the weight by watching what I ate, but My true ROAD TO HAPPINESS is how I became FIT.  I used running to become FIT.


My original goal was to run a half marathon and be able to say I was a part of that 1% of the world that have completed one.  In 2005, I ran my first Half Marathon in 3:47.  Yes running was difficult at first, but as I kept being persistent and put more and more miles behind me, running became enjoyable.  Today my fastest time has been 2:15. My goal has since changed, now my goal is to run a Half Marathon in under 2 hours.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to run – whether it’s to lose weight, get FIT or just to de-stress – the key is to enjoy running. If you enjoy something you’re more likely to keep doing it. And we all need more things in our lives that we enjoy and that make us feel good.


Felisha Mims is a RRCA Certified Distance Running Coach and an Ambassador for Black Girls Run. 


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